Top Tips

Present Your Property for the Market

Top Tips For Selling Your Home!

1. Tidy the exterior and the garden - first impressions are everything!

2. A new natural, contemporary colour scheme throughout will update your home without spending too much of your hard earned cash

3. Minor repairs, like fixing a leaky tap or two, bring your home up to scratch

4. ‘Dress’ your home up rather than leaving empty spaces - rent furniture from a professional stylist such as us or borrow some from friends and family

5. Choose an agent with an excellent local and regional database. Shop around. Maintain a good relationship and learn from them about how to maximise the sale price of your property. Some fees are even more negotiable than you may expect.

6. Don’t just rely on the buyers sense of sight. Ignite the sense of smell by lighting a soothing candle, like lavender - but don’t let it be too overpowering

7. Obtain a building a pest control report - A clear report will benefit the marketability of your home

8. Promote the inclusions of your home such as floor coverings, curtains and blinds and so on

9. Spring clean! Thoroughly clean and declutter. Make the property look comfortable but not too personal

10. Picture perfect - Most buyers judge your home within 5 to 10 seconds of seeing the photographs. Make sure photos are taken in good light, with a professional SLR camera. 6 or 7 powerful shots are better than 15 taken of the third bedroom, toilets and sheds

11. Dress well... Simple, but effective. The way you actually dress during a buyers visit potentially has an influence over their whole buying experience. And, it’s free to run a comb through your hair

12. Pool outside? If so make it a feature to be proud of. Clean it and get any repairs done, this can only add value to your asking price. Add seating and a barbeque to help set the scene.

13. One of the hardest parts of selling your home, is actually letting it go. This may take some time and mental preparation. Say goodbye to every room. But remember not to look backwards, and look forward to the future and what it holds for you.

14. Almost every home shows better with less furniture. By simply renting a storage unit to put any unwanted or unneeded furniture in, it will help clear up your home for viewing. This will also give the illusion of more space and less clutter. But leave enough furniture in each room to showcase its purpose.

15. Make the house shine! clean windows, surfaces, tables, chairs. Vacuum. Clean. Air out.

16. Scrutinize its appeal. Stand in the garden, look at the house. Is it inviting? Appealing? Homely? Welcoming? Put yourself in the buyers shoes. Do a complete run through of how the buyer will navigate the house. Does every room look appealing? Make sure the furniture is in the correct place and fine tune subtle arrangements.

17. Create a butterfly garden. Adding a cluster of colorful, diverse and nectar-rich plants to your garden will not only look appealing but will also attract a diverse range of plant life too. Adding mulch to garden beds is a cost effective way of making it look neat and tidy

18. Draw attention to predetermined areas - add unique elements to fireplaces, mantelpieces and shelving.

19. Arrange sparse furniture in an appealing group - known as a “vignette”. Try and set the scene for the buyer, let them know what can be done in each room as an example of the furniture within it.

20. Buy some nice indoor plants and flowers. Colourful and scented flowers appeal not only to the eye but also to the nose and spruce up any boring parts of the house and adds character and life.

21. Don’t forget about the back garden either. Arrange plants and potted flowers in an appealing and creative way. Set up a picnic table or borrow a barbeque if you don't already have one so that potential buyers envisage themselves enjoying their new home entertaining friends

22. Bathrooms should look airy, open and clean. A new set of towels and mat and décor can be inexpensive as a way to colour coordinate and dress a bathroom

23. Clean away the cobwebs lurking in all the corners and ceilings

24. Keep in touch with your Agent regularly and ask for updates, also ask their opinion on anything you may be unsure of

25. Ask the opinion of friends and family concerning the presentation of your property. An objective perspective can be very helpful. But be sure not to take offense to any of their opinions!

26. Offer free champagne or wine on open days, this can help create a relaxed atmosphere as well as getting buyers in the mood to buy!